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I’ve faltered today.

It’s near midnight, so the day has nearly passed and I haven’t been here until now. So I’m typing like a mother to get this all out for my self induced deadline of One Page A Day for THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS!

Day 25 has been my biggest hurdle. GEEZUZ what was I thinking!?! I have to laugh, typical me - you have too much on your plate, well hell Jodi, just add more.

Today has been busy! Tied up with classes and writing for other things and life, LIFE is sometimes too much to handle and just needing a moment to breath… and OZARk, I needed to watch an episode of Ozark.

So forgive me if this is rambled and has typo’s, I don’t have time for an edit or read over.

I know I’ve disappointed at least one person for posting this so late in the day, other than myself.

Have you ever had a friend. A soul connection, that is life long.

I mean, my life is not over but this person I KNOW will be for me when it is.

I remember the first conversation that we that we ever had, verbatim.

I won’t share it here because it’s too personal and crude. And well, it’s definitely worth it’s own introduction in a scene on the TV, when I can pass it off as fiction. That’s how momentous our introduction was. As she lit her cigarette she asked me a question that made me blush. But in a really good way. I had never met anyone like her. So confident and so authentic. She said things as she saw them, despite anyone else’s opinion. I’m learning after all of these years to embrace the strength that she had so many years ago.

IT’s sad how life shifts and alters and changes and these really significant people in your life, drift. But the one thing that doesn’t, is your connection. Your connection and honesty with each other is so pure no matter the passage of time.

So I had to laugh when she sent me a text last night, because it took me back to over 30 years ago - hearing the seriousness in her voice regarding my blog… “at times I get a little annoyed when it gets later in the evening and I haven’t read a new story…”

So here I sit with tears rolling down my cheeks and a big smile on my face.

Girl, you changed my life for the better, more than you’l ever know.

I love you.

YOU know who you are.

xox blo

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