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29 Forever

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Today is my start of Seven work days in a row.

This schedule leaves much to be desired

but that's a topic for another day.

Or it'll be a rant.



Bit*h fest.

Whatever you wish to call it.

Where my mind is right now has nothing to do with work.

Other than it was the location where I was,

when I acknowledged my true authentic heartfelt appreciation

for my oldest friend.

And let me say ~ oldest in duration,

not her age.

THAT in itself is a topic.

She called me today while I was at work.

And I'm grateful that it was at a time when I could answer,

which is rare.

So it was Cleary meant to be.

We chatted about a variety of things.

One topic led to the next.

Fretting about work schedules to TV shows to snow storms to husbands to food to facials to Microderm...

And this was all within a very short period of time.

Our tempo of conversation is exhilarating.

Our relationship and connection is unique.

One that I dare to say is rare.

I love this girl.

I'll call her 'girl' because she gets upset with me when I mention our ages ~

"How dare you speak those words out loud!".

Her reaction always makes me laugh out loud.

It makes me smile now just thinking of her voice saying it.

Which can't help but take my mind to our very first conversation ever


the very first two sentences that she ever spoke to me.

Which I feel I may have mentioned here before.

Not the context of the conversation

or of the words spoken

but just that it is a conversation that I will never forget.

She'll forever be my Ride or Die.

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