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A little Piece

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Recently there have been some pop culture news about MS.

And it is horrible.

And I empathize.

And I cry when I watch the news & the media clips.

It's sad.

It's Heartbreaking.

And when I reiterate to my husband what I’ve just watched on the screen,

tears stream down my face.

Because I get it.

But I am somewhat perplexed by the way some people appear perplexed by this disease.

Not the symptoms ~ I'm not saying anyone should be well versed in that.

I mean the way some people react by hearing the letters "MS".

As if it’s new.

Something Elite.

Something they're never heard of.

Something Unjust.


It is.


But it is not new.

Or elite

It is a disease that people struggle with.

Have struggled with.

One that Their families struggle with.

One That Their Spouses struggle with.

In this moment

in the world of social media

it’s ‘a thing’.


“Oh my gawd 'so n so' has this!” kinda thing.

A disease that perhaps is gaining just a fleeting glimpse of attention.

And I hope it helps the cause.

Because it's not fleeting in our home.

It's locked in and has parked itself here.

If you haven't read it here before,

it's because you haven't read from Page One,

so go back and start this blog from the beginning.

My husband has MS.

And it sucks.

And it’s hard.

And sometimes I just wish he had more people cheering him on….

That he had his moment in the sun.

His star.

His moment to share his pain.

Without judgement.

Without seeming "Unmanly".

If I sound bitter or tired,

maybe I am

a bit of both.

Being a cheerleader…,

is exhausting.

Being strong...,

is exhausting.

It's beyond hard to watch someone you love

lose a little piece of themselves with each passing day.

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