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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

That’s the time I woke.


And I could still sleep some more.

In fact, I will.

My head is pounding,

my throat is raw,

my chest is heavy,

my cough is nothing short of gross.

I feel as if I snorted Pop Rocks Candy

and they're crackling & bursting around in my sinus'

and the nausea



ebbs & flows.

I know you're probably sick of reading about this.

Trust me,

I'm sick of feeling this way.

I slept for more than 12 hours straight.

Minus the few times I flitted my eyelids

to little pitter patter of paws

and the sound of sniffing around my bed.

"I'm ok Hazel".

She's such a good girl.

The most soulful, nurturing dog.

Like many,

I woke to a blizzard.

Or at least what looks and sounds like one through the safety of my windows.

Our son has been Snowed in

On the West Coast

for days.

The Christmas Dinner

him & his partner were to share

with my Mother & Brother

has been postponed.

Or maybe even canceled.

Mother Nature has reared her head

and they are not geared for that much snow on the West coast.

And the distance for them to travel across the island is too far.

And unsafe.

We’re not snowed in yet,

Just locked down.

And we’ll stay this way until after Christmas.

We have Respect for the recommendations of Public Health.

And even more so,

We have respect for those We love.

So We will be having a very quaint & quiet Christmas.

No extended family this year.

No other immediate family either.

Just the 3 of Us.

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