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It's amazing that if you pay attention,

the things you are seeking will align.

Today is the beginning of my holiday vacation away from work work.

(If you've been reading this blog from its conception, you would have at some point read my explanation of work work.)

Today is also the day that a Winter Writing Sanctuary that I signed up for begins.


I think not.



When I first read of the course, I instinctively signed up.

No hesitation.

No resistance.

The cohesiveness of the start date aligning with my vacation...


When I entered into my writing space in the dark of this morning,

I had no expectations of what this course would unleash in my mind and my heart.

As I sat at my desk with some zen music notes lightly playing,

I had some words flow into my mind.

I wrote them down...

as many writers do.

With old school pen and paper,

another thing many writers do.

Then I opened my MacBook and began this new writing journey.

By the end of the lesson, I had made a discovery.

That by some Serendipitous force

the words that innately flowed to my mind

prior to beginning the lesson,

was the answer to the assignment.

A haiku.

More specifically,

a winter moment haiku.

I hadn't even realized that what I had written down was, by definition, a haiku.

So without hesitation or trepidation

I took my hand written words and posted them to the Writer's Group Page.

Because if words come to me before I have even read the invitation of the assignment...

well, those words need to be shared.

Winter Moment Haiku

Crumpled up paper

Empty box 'neath twinkling lights

Dreams of tomorrow

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