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All the Parts

With Writing

Sometimes you have to change the space you’re in.


It may seem bogus

But changing your physical space,

Changes your perspective.





It changes All the Spaces

Physical space

Head space

Emotional space

Creative space

Heart space

And my fav,

Soul Space.

It's changes the narrative

without changing the narrator.

It’s like that BIG CLAW Game.

You have your feet planted on the ground.

You keep grasping.

And grasping.

And keep coming up empty handed.

You hit the glass.

You shake the machine.

Or at least try to shake it.

And then


You have that light bulb moment!

So you shift

Ever so slightly.

You change your stance.

You adjust your visual perspective.

And with your next grab,

You’re on fire


You finally reach what you were

Chasing for all along.

I mean,

It might not be the biggest

Most elaborate stuffed toy in the glass box

But it’s something.

Writing is Kinda like that.

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