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April Fools

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I haven’t been here for a while.

In fact, I believe this has been the longest lapse in blog posts.

But I won’t feel shame about that.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I’ve been Working on some things.

Reconnecting to things I owe myself.

Like reconnecting to my meditation practice.

That had slipped away a bit.

And reconnecting with Peleton.

Consistency with Working out.

That had slipped away as well.

Injuries at this age suck.

And after marking the calendar with another lap around the sun,

I was filled with an uncontrollable need to dedicate time to myself in ways other than writing.

I also needed to commit on a deeper level to

Self Acceptance.

Work harder at letting go of the decades of non purposeful viewpoints of self.

And the more current non purposeful viewpoints of self.

Sometimes those viewpoints get heavy.

And sometimes heavy thoughts get poked awake by social media.



And one of the hottest topics right now…


And just to be clear,

before I say anything,

please know that I am not punching down at the drug or anyone.

And I’m not sure where I’m going with this

but with that statement alone,

I feel this might get juicy.

I am not for it or against it.

I am neutral.

So these thoughts are just that, thoughts.

Not even an opinion really.

But I work in healthcare, so I have a lot of thoughts.

And to reiterate they are Just that, thoughts. Not opinions.

I find it a bit perplexing that people were so amped up & up in arms about a vaccine that could potentially save their lives

but don’t think twice about sticking a needle in their belly fat If the purpose is for weight loss.

And you may say “But Jj, obesity is a real issue”.

You know what else was

and still is a real issue,


But I’m not sucking us down that rabbit hole of that.

I lived through it in my work place.

And it ruined a part of me.

And the topic is triggering of the horror that I witnessed.

Not all people injecting Ozempic are over weight or have a BMI that is scienfitcally “obese”.

Did you hear the jabs about it at The Oscars?

Have you heard the jokes made about it by other stand up comedians?

Are we still this vain as a society in the year 2023?

Yes. Yes we are.

And I am not a hypocrite, I have some vanity needs.

But what I also do not comprehend is the mindset of trying to sell your massive weight loss in a freakishly short amount of time due to diet change and exercise alone.

Most of us know that it is not just those things.

And that’s a-okay!

But some people do not know that. Some take you at your word.

So don’t do a disservice to humanity by misleading people who are struggling.

Don’t contribute on social media to encourage an eating disorder.

Because you know what else was a real issue & still is a real issue;

Anorexia & Bulimia.

Young people, middle aged people, new moms, older ladies, people in general

are looking at your IG,

watching your Tik Tok

and thinking

how is she/he dropping all that weight with diet and exercise alone?

What am I doing wrong?

I must be eating too much, taking in too many calories, not working out hard enough, not running enough, not taking enough phen phen, not drinking enough caffeine, sleeping too much…

all of this triggering the eating disorder cycle. A mental health crisis.

Unless you have a personal chef and a legit kick ass trainer

who is making you kill it in the gym ALL DAY long...

I mean actors do it for movies but for that period of time that is their sole job.

And is it healthy?

Insert 'shrug' emoji here.

I won’t comment on that.

But they are putting in a full day of work, every day with a trainer or trainers.

That is their work.

So if you’re getting assistance from this O drug, it’s ok.

You do you. For you.

I love that for you.

You’re entitled to take whatever path you wish.

No judgement.

But is it REALLY healthy?

Should we be cheering this on?

A side effect of a drug that has turned into its main purpose for use?

I don’t know.

Is it safe Long term?

Insert another 'shrug' emoji here.

I don’t have all the research.

And I’m not trying to create another rabbit hole debate

Or tick anyone off.

Because my gawd, I hope no ones ego is BIG enough to think that I am speaking about them.

We are in a current state of Ozempic Nation.

So this is just the generalized chit chat rumbling around in my brain that I wanted to spew out.

I have tried all the things.

Have done.

All the things.

All the apps ~ noom, WW, some other app or two.

And really stuck it out.



Well not nothing

But nothing to get excited about.

Just normal slow progress.

And I have a somewhat decent, yet fluctuating relationship with Peleton.

All of their programs:

Strength, Meditation & Yoga.

And they are great.

I even have ifit on my elliptical.

But we broke up for a while,

I have a significant injury,

well two injuries

that got me out of my groove.

That’s why I haven’t been here since my birthday,

I’ve been recommitting to my relationship with these things,

In My Spare Time.

Spare time? Is that even a thing as an adult?

So, am I envious of the rapid success of Ozempic?


You want to know one reason why?

Ozempic face.

It is a thing.

For Real.

Look it up.

Read the articles.

I’ll wait…





No Aprils Fools Day joke with that.


I just read an article about it yesterday so

maybe that percolated in my brain through the night as I slept,

which has now led me to this.

Jowls ~

I’m Hungarian and Ukrainian


Jowls are a part of my future no matter what I do.

So I’m not speeding up that process.

Heck if anything

I’m scooping the purest marine collagen that I can find into my water every morning.

And I’m buying all the serums & toners ~ that in itself could be another blog post.

So, I am in no way judging the vanity.

My eyes popped open at 5:55 this morning

with these thoughts bubbling in my brain.

I looked at the clock,

the numbers spoke to me.

So here I am in the dark writing this all down,

while I listen to the birds chirp outside.

I bet when we see a plump bird we think ~

“awww so beautiful, good for you little birdie”.

And as it glances at itself as it flies passed a reflective window it doesn’t think “ugh!”.

It just flies along whistling a happy tune.

I hope you find the whistle to your own happy tune,

I know I’m striving to.

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