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At Times

I don't speak of this often

or at least I don't recall doing so here.

And I feel this may be a bit of rant,

because there are things that I've bottled up.

Ha, that's my typical style ~ keeping my thoughts to myself.

But just because I am quiet,

doesn't mean that I am naive.

Some of us are painfully aware

of the disconnect that has spread between people

during the pandemic.

I am one of those people.

I lived through all the waves of the pandemic thus far,

as a nurse.

When pots were banging,

a lot of us were crying.

During one wave I was pulled away from my typical work environment

to nurse in a Covid ICU.

I saw things that I wish I would've never seen.

And just because I was capable and had the experience to work in this environment,

it doesn't mean it was easy.

In fact, it was at times the worse part of my entire 22 year career.

Actually not just "at times",

it WAS the worst experience in my career thus far.

And that speaks volumes considering that I was an Emergency Room nurse for well over a decade.

But that is not what my mind is boggled by today.

One major thing that added to the burden of the pandemic for me was social media.

Something that is typically a mindless, stress free outlet

became an absolute burdening irritation.

Some of the commentary that I was reading was just too much for my brain to compute.

The weight of what I was experiencing at work daily

was basically being spit on.

It was too much emotionally ~

the job compounded by the words filling my screen of disbelief of a situation that I was viscerally living.

It was unbearable.

I had no choice but to bite my tongue and back away from social media.

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