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This work week is ending with a bookend of my feelings from the beginning of the week...

get after your dreams, your goals and your better tomorrow's.

I drove 30 minutes into work this morning

And cried three times on my way in

Not because I was going to work

But because of a disease process moving forward

New symptoms rearing their ugly head

Sometimes it just is too much

Sometimes it's a lot

The disease process doesn't wait on anyone

It doesn't ask

Are you ready for me?

Can you handle it?

Should I come back later?

It just marches in, takes hold, and plants itself in your world

It may give you a reprieve

Appear as if it's resting

But only to build up it's strength to hit you even harder

And the disease isn't mine

It's not afflicting me

At least not physically

The future is bright

And dim at the same time

Such a juxtaposition

So when I got out of my vehicle

I Walked into work with a smile

And Carried on with my day

No one was the wiser of my tear filled commute

SO just be kind to people

WE never know our tomorrow's

That's why you have to get after your dreams today

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