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Bruised Emotions & PP Contests

Warning! If you are the slightest bit prudish or easily offended by a smallest crude-ish slang word, Do Not Continue to read this Blog Post.


When we arrived home after spending more than an entire nursing shift in the ER, we both slept. Hard. Thank you prescription medication.

My husband went downstairs to our sons room ~ I wasn’t feeling well and well, there's his annoying C-Pap. Let’s be honest, It’s irritating at the best of times. And those of you who deny the annoyance of the hum of the air blowing through the corrugated tubing are much kinder than I. Or at the very least, you're better at sleeping.

So after nearly 24 hours had passed, we crawled out of our secluded havens.

Trying to feel a semblance of being human,

we sat outside with remaining warm sunlight of the day on our skin.

After a while I spoke...

"You never checked on me once."

He replied ~ "I didn’t want to bother you."

A Perplexed look closed my face or at the very least my brain was perplexed,

to be honest, I'm not really sure what my face did.

"How is checking on me bothering me?"

He didn't respond, so I continued ~

"You never take care of me when I’m sick."

He blurted ~

"There have been times when you didn’t take care of me."

I found this completely offensive.

My eyes shot darts, well, In my mind anyway.

But my voice said ~

"Name one time when I didn’t take care of you or check on you when you were sick,

not just tired or hungover but actually ill."

Radio Silence.

My timid hurt voice continued ~

"I was really ill & you never checked on me."

He found his voice ~

"This isn’t a pissing contest."

I couldn't refrain ~

"So then why are you trying to take a piss?"

He laughed ~

"Did you just say ask me 'why am I trying to take a piss'?"

I nod ~ "I did."

He couldn't contain his amusement ~

"That's funny! You should put that on your blog!"


So here it is.

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