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Burden of Disease

I met a lady today.

She was in a rough place.



A cluster of various emotions.

And very, very tearful.

She apologized for her tears.

Which is something I do.

So I quickly reassured her,

that her apologies were not necessary.

That she was in a safe space,

able to vent and cry all that she needed.

She couldn't get over the hiccup of apologizing.

Almost stuck in a loop.

Feeling I wouldn't understand all that she had to express.

So I did something,

that I never do in the environment that I was in.

I shared my life with her,

I told her that my husband had MS too.

It changed something in her.

It seemed to lighten her load.

It smoothed the furrow on her brow.

And I hope it made her burden of the day,

a little easier to carry.

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