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Listening to the songs of the holidays,

Christmas music playing in my vehicle

during my commute,

while running errands.

Triggering that little spark of joy

and hope.

And as I cook dinner tonight,

listening to the lyrics and notes that I've known all of my life

or at the very least

as long as I can remember.

It brings my mind to memories of childhood.

More specifically to Choir.

I was in Choir.


Not Surprising?

I don't know.

It was just a "thing" when I was in grade school.

Or at least its was for me.

The voices ~

all in harmony.

Or at least trying to be.


We all need that.

Marshmallow World ~

I know it word for word.

My husband claims he's never heard it before.

He was never in Choir.

Singing in Rounds.

He doesn't get that either.

I remember standing on a bleachers,

well actually folding bleachers that they brought into the gymnasium

for us to stand upon and sing.

They were partially carpeted,

dress shoes are slippery.

I remember feeling important.


Like I had a voice.

But I do.

I do have a Voice.

I just think that I lost it for a while.

Or perhaps

it's just


in the last few years

I've become less afraid

to actually use it.

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