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I trained with an extraordinary acting coach for years.

I found him to be brilliant,

not in only his ability to teach the art form


his innate ability to teach about life.

So many things he taught

or words he spoke

not only applied to the desire to be a good actor

many applied to just being a good human.

I saw this posted to his social media sites today

so instead of "sharing" on my socials

I'm sharing here...

It starts with curiosity.

Curiosity breeds a desire to know.

As your desire to know grows it requires the courage to go deeper, to acknowledge and discover truths that you may not be willing to accept/embrace or the changes it might ask of you.

Then you need the discipline to keep working at overcoming the fears and doubts the prevent you from being curious in the first place.

- Lewis Baumander

These words speak to me as an emerging Screenwriter.

They speak to me as an actor,

an artist,

an entrepreneur.

And I feel that these words may speak to anyone

who is curious about any dream

or any goal

that they want to bring into into fruition.

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