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Desperately Seeking Zen

My mind screams YAY!

And MY physical body says UGH, Finally Friday!

YAY for the weekend.

YAY for managing to give away

my two shifts

that I was scheduled to work

this weekend.

Yep, another weekend.

NOT saying that I don't need the moola,

because I sure do.

I am a full time student after all.

But you know what I need more...

peace of mind,

a happy home,

a non-aching body.

And YAY because I just worked

SIX out of SEVEN days

and was scheduled another TWO...

Which would bring me to


EIGHT out of NINE days.

Who does that?!

How is a schedule like that

even conducive to a healthy mind

and healthy life?!?!?

I mean,

if I had chose that schedule

or picked up extra shifts on my own,

well that,

that would be self induced exhaustion

and plain foolishness.

But this is not that.

So I am glad

to have a couple days to

just breathe

and find my zen.

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