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Facial Zen

I spend 90 minutes of peaceful zen today.

I'm trying to practice self love... and doing that includes caring for my skin.

A couple months ago I set out to find a quaint place to go for a facial.

Some place new to me and not far from home.

And I found it.

The experience was unlike any facial I've ever had in the past ~ so I made a commitment to visit this facial spa consistently as part of my skin care regimen.

So... I returned today for another custom facial.

And WOW, just as peaceful, if not more peaceful than the first time.

From the aroma therapy to the sage smudging to the Tibetan singing bowl... to Brittany's energy,

the relaxing atmosphere would be near impossible to surpass.

The way the products felt on my skin ~ the way my skin still feels, relaxed & joyful at the same time.

When the treatment was complete ~ I felt like I was floating. It was hard to bring my mind back down to earth. The experience was like 90 minutes of mediation... and if any of you have ever meditated, you know what I'm talking about.

I'm glad I didn't have far to drive!

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