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I like my Kids.

Sounds weird, right?

But it's not.

I like my kids.

My grown adults,

who will always be my kids ~

no matter how old they get.

I love them.

More than life.

But I like them.

Truly like them.

I like conversation with them.

I like the random talks.

I like the silence when together.

I like the subtle looks between each other.that only we understand.

I like vacationing with them.

I like that more vacations than not were with them

because I didn't want them to miss out on anything that I may be experiencing.

I like that I made those choices ~

because now vacations together are fewer and further between.

I like that they know they can call on me for anything.

I like that they do.

I like who they have grown into being as individuals.

I like what they have taught me.

I like all that they continue to teach me.

I like who they are as people.

I like that there are two absolutely incredible souls walking this earth,

who call me Mom.

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