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Little Victories

One of the best things about a vacation is the 'pre shop'

The excitement of pending travel

The need to purchase new clothing for new adventures

My husband and I did this today.

And then I went back out and did some more on my own.

His shopping time span does not equate to mine.

I had a vision of particular items

And I love when

I find the exact articles of clothing or accessories

And everything looks like it shoud

and fits like it should

Little victories!

But I feel my greatest victory today

and the best way I handed over my money,

was as I was driving out of the lot.

A man stood with a sign in his hands,

Pleading for help.

And because I am fortunate enough to be doing a 'pre shop',

before a vacation,

I rolled down my window and handed him a bill.

No judgement of how or why he stands there

Because who am I to judge

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