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Mid August Monday

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

A start of a new week.

But it's another weekend day for me.

Another day off


I return to work.

A work day that will

be followed by a day of school...

but it will be my very last school day,

of my current program.


It's unbelievable for me to grasp.

I finish my Screenwriting program

this week!?!?!

The program that I gave up my full time job for.

The leap that I was so nervous

but so certain

I knew I had to take.

I'm filled with a mixture

of emotions ~

I'm elated to be completing it

but feeling a bit incomplete.

Did I accomplish all that I wanted to?

Did I learn all that I could?

Did I take the time for granted?

Did I procrastinate?

Could I have done more?

Typical me.

Questioning if I did enough,

If I am enough...

Instead I should just be clapping for my damn self.

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