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Only See You Later

Have you ever written something so great, so magical, that you can’t wait to share your words with the world?

Well, that is Not me today.

I’m feeling a bit deflated. A titch empty. A ton emotional. A little sad.

We dropped our son & his partner off at the airport yesterday to fly back to their home across the country. It's not tragic, nor sad, in fact it's the opposite. He's "living". He's chasing dreams, trusting his gut, accomplishing great things, and we couldn't be more proud of him. Proud of them. But that in itself doesn't make it any easier to say "See You Later".

My grown adult children, they're good people. I like being around them. A little piece of me is missing when they're not around. I don't care if that sounds odd or strange or sappy or "over the top", because I believe so much in life is at risk of being lost when we're not being true about our hearts.

You know who else I also liked to be around... my step dad, AL. He was good people too. He's the one who taught me to never say the words "good bye".

"It's never Good Bye Jodi, It's always and only See You Later."

I was 19 when he passed away. He was only 45...

So when we pulled up to the curb of the Departure Terminal at the airport and my eyes filled with tears, it was his voice in my mind reminding me that "It's Only See You Later Jodi".

And it was Gigi's voice, my tough as nails grandmother, whose voice was cursing me in Hungarian to toughen up and get a grip. (Boy was she tough, she once chased a robber out of a variety store with a broom! - but that story is for another time.)

None the less, tears spilled from my eyes. (ok, they poured)

But with a smile on my face.

Saying "See You Later" is never easy to do with those you love more than anything.


Day Three of 365 Pages in the books! Oh, a book... Now there's a thought!

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