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The first Eighty pages... of 365 pages.


It might not seem like much.

But it is.

To Me anyway.

Eighty days of committing to an internal promise that I made to myself.

Eighty days of committing myself to this space.

Eighty days of sharing myself.

My thoughts.

My feelings.

My hopes.

My dreams.

My disappointment.

My fears.

Eighty days of committing to ME.

TO a bigger goal.

To a bigger dream.

Eighty days of retraining my brain.

For something I want.

For something I need.

Something I've always wanted since the age of 6.

SO many times, I could've avoided my laptop.

(I almost did.)

Not come to my office.

(I almost didn't.)

Not brought my laptop To my family space.

(But I did.)

Tended to others needs & wants & issues....

(Ya, I did that. But then I came here afterwards, sometimes just in the nick of time.)

But not this time.

This time I'm committing to Me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not uncommitted to others.

IF you know me, you know that is so very far from from the flippin' truth.

But, we do need a little time to carve out every day to honour ourselves.

I'm just learning how to Carve.



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