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Pot 'Luck' - Not so much.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

My husband had a Holiday Pot luck lunch at work today.

So obviously, before I had to actually get up for work,

I got up to prep for His Pot Luck offering.

After I had run around after my shift yesterday

gathering all of the ingredients for the recipe.

Which you know, are never just at one shop.

And it's dark so early now, so although it was just after 5pm it felt as if it was 9 pm,

or even later.

And I don't begrudge helping.

Or actually, Doing.

I somewhat enjoy the doing.

But come on Mark, get the deets right!

Initially when he told me about it, he said he'd bring donuts.


I kinked my neck snapping my head so fast to the side with a wtf facial expression.

How does he not get that joke?

I let him know that he would absolutely Not be doing any such thing.

My neck is still sore today.

So as we (I) collaborated on a crock-able item, I asked the number of people that would be lunching.

That's obviously important with any crock pot planning.

He was rather vague with the amount of people.

He shrugged ~ "I dunno, there's maybe 10 of us in the office, if that".

Ok. No problem.

Easy Peasy.

He was wrong.

Very wrong.

It seems the lunch was intended for ALL working today.

How did he not get that memo?

There was definitely NOT enough food to present to an entire platoon.

I am absolutely mortified.

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1 Comment

Tina Hardwell
Tina Hardwell
Dec 13, 2022

Oh nooooo. Hope you've recovered. 🤣

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