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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Every time I get into my vehicle, my watch buzzes on my wrist & lights up.

My dash does the same.

And It's alway the same sentiment,

a notification alerting me :

"28 minutes to work".

Apparently my life is pretty predictable.

And dare I say it occasionally feels somewhat mundane.

I'm currently running in the mundane hamster wheel.

Work. Cook. Clean. Sleep. Work. Cook. Clean. Sleep. Work. Cook. Clean. Sleep. Repeat...

And I like my work.

And I like cooking.

And I like like sleeping.

And I like everything clean. And quite particular.

Ask my family - they'll probably roll their eyes.

And do I enjoy the cleaning part, not so much. But I do it because I like things so darn clean & tidy and organized. #typeA

But sometimes I just need a shift.

Some inspiration.

Some joy.

Something For the better.

So today when I got into my vehicle.

My watch & dash buzzed their typical notification.

And with a smile of joy & a spark of inspiration, I felt a little shift.

So I replied aloud

"Not today Siri, not today!"

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