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Sappy Sunday

I'm sitting here thinking of all of the years that I was the easter bunny.

I still am, but not in quite the same way.

I'm thinking about when our kids were little.

The joy I felt in hiding eggs around the house,

trying to be clever with the hiding places as they grew older.

Making bunny prints on the ground.

Leaving remnants of chewed carrot on the plate.

The easter bunny had terrible table manners.

As I sit here typing...

my heart aching for family far away,

a text comes through on my screen.

My oldest friend wishing us a pleasant day.

A smile fills my face.

And I'm flooded with even more wonderful memories....

Time flies by so quickly.

I know people always say that,

But it's because it is so very true.

Sometimes we may feel stuck or stagnant.

AS if time is standing still.

But everything passes,

the good times and the bad.

Appreciate all of those good times

And deep breath through the bad

Because they'll all be memories before you even know it

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