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Serendipitous phone calls are the best.

I was driving home from work.

Lost in my own thoughts.

Exhausted from being On Call

and getting called in

hours before my shift this morning.

Last night

I stayed up too late

Watching addicting documentaries


talking with my son

across the country ~

I'd give away my sleep for that

any night.

But needless to say

at the end of the day

stepping outside


the intense humidity

I felt suddenly exhausted.


A bit nauseated.

And as I drove home

a friend of mine

crossed my mind

and literally a moment later

my phone chimed through my dashboard


said friends face

popped up on the dashboard screen.

I smiled.

Her voice is like a hug for my soul.

It was a conversation I needed.

One that on the surface I didn't even know I needed.

But obviously

thinking of her the moment before my phone rang...

my soul was telling me otherwise.

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