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Hey, get your mind out of the gutter - I’m talking about hair. I’m obsessed with hair. Not in a weird way, I don’t steal hair from people’s brushes or from the hair salon or anything - ew. But obsessed in a need to change my hair up all the time kinda way.

Currently, I’m obsessed with my previous Meg Ryan super short shag type do. Circa late 90’s, early 2000’s. So OBSESSED! I sported that style for a very long time. It’s apparently trending for 2022 - and they’re calling it a ‘mixie’.

Mullet + Pixie = Love.

So I had this ‘mixie’ for a very long time in the early 2000’s. Then I grew it out - long & straight with bangs, and wore that style for a very long time as well. Then I got bored, went strawberry blonde, got bored, went back to blonde, still bored…. Cut to a bob which was short lived due to extreme boredom. So then I chopped to a Pixie with long bangs… which I also had for a very very long time. I mean the variation changed - wispy sides, choppy sides, shorter bangs, longer bangs, undercut sides, so many variations! But then I got tired of short hair and grew it out… painful process. Part way through the grow out we created a look, which I joked with my hair stylist we were calling a “bixie”. Now, years later ‘bixie’ is actually a thing. But to me it was not a fun sustainable style, it was just a grow out phase. So I Kept growing. I Made it to a one length bob!

And then I quickly got bored.

So I cut bangs.

Still bored = cut back to a Pixie.

It’s definitely a cycle with me, the above hair metamorphosis has occurred more than once.

So having settled back into my cute pixie…. I was fully invested in it being MY signature look. I told myself I’d stop this crazy struggle of cutting, growing, cutting, growing.

Then along came a pandemic.

You all know we suffered. Brutal hair ensued… as did scrub caps to cover said brutal hair and at the end of the first waves, my cute pixie was gone. Once again my pixie had grown to a slightly unpleasant but still kinda cute ‘bixie’.

SO what was I to do? The uncertainty of hair maintenance was real… and with the worst of the grow out had already occurred under a scrub cap, so I just carried on with it.

By the end of the third wave hair appointment, I had succeeded to a one length bob! Woo hoo! AMAZING!

But do I even want this look?! I only grew it out due to circumstance. Do I even like this? I mean it’s an absolutely fabulous cut - my hair stylist is the best, she totally gets me and she has mad skills. But as I mentioned before, bob’s have always been kinda blasé to me. A little twitch of boredom started to really poke at me. So this past Fall brought copper highlights and longish side bangs to my bob. This New Year brought more copper and full fringe bangs.

But now here I sit, hair bored.

I certainly get the feeling that my cycle of hair metamorphosis is about to totally repeat itself… once again.


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