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Sibling Memories

My brother recently was at our house for a visit.

I may have mentioned somewhere throughout these pages that he lives across the country.

So, Our visits are few and far between.

Funny thing about siblings,

when you're little you'd wish they'd go away...

and when they're away,

you wish they were near.

That has been a majority of our relationship.

At least for me anyway.

We sat outside

in the warm summer weather...

the summer is the best for long unhurried conversation.

We sat talking till late at night,

Despite his early flight the next morning.

We Talked about everything and anything.

The type of Depth of conversation

that can only be shared with few.

One topic came up.

An incident.

Or near incident...

It's amazing the memories that young brains retain.

At the time of this memory

I would've been the age of 3.

My brother would've been 5, nearing 6.

We've spoke about this memory in the past.

The details we both recall.

The specifics that mirror each.

The pieces that connect and mesh.

The questions we have unanswered.

Every time it comes up

it brings with it a little more fear

which is always

followed by gratitude.

We both agree that this memory

clung to our brains

because of the significance

of it's potential

to be

a major

life altering event.

My brother has mentioned

that he feels

that one of his reasons

for being here

on this earth,

was so that he could intervene

at that moment so many years ago.

This story takes place in Florida...

I'll share more tomorrow.


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