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So Many Hats

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I wear Many hats.

I'm Sure most of you do as well.

Mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, doggie momma, actor, writer, nurse, occasional grump, smiley waving neighbour... and on and on and on. At times it feels as if I am sweltering in the heat of wearing way too many hats at once. Yes, I just admitted that, I am only human after all... see, another hat. But it's true. I'm sure some of your days feel that way too. You're metaphorically overheated, you take one hat off to find three more underneath. You rip those three off and two more appear!

I discovered yesterday that the one Hat I certainly Do Not wear is that of 'I T Gal'. Kudos to those people with that skill set, because it certainly is not me. I was wrongfully optimistic that my Blog Launch would go off without a hitch. It all seemed easy enough. I followed ALL of the instructions, or at least I thought I did. But no, that was NOT the case, there certainly was a hitch. Easy breezy is not for me apparently. Then again, it never has been, ever. So I'm not really sure why I thought this would go any differently?

After I typed out my First Blog Post I nervously & excitedly hit the PUBLISH tab.... Congratulations! popped onto my screen!

Woohoo! How ExCiTiNg!!!

BUT no.... Not so much.

My cheer team looked up the site from their devices... Nothing.

No website to be found?! A Glitch? Human Error? Did I typo the new domain name? Did I typo my own name? I started to spaz, a bit of panic (mini meltdown) took over my mind... What happened?! I still do not know the answer to that. As I mentioned, I T Gal I am not. In fact, at this point I'm not even sure if/when anyone will Ever read these posts... or this Blog... Self doubt sets in. Sh*t that didn't take long.

SO after a deep breath (or seven) I received a bit of tech assistance, had a little chat with a couple of old souls and reapplied my perseverance hat... because if anyone really knows me, they know I don't like to give up.

So here's to Day Two, of 365 Pages A Year. Crossing my fingers that these words will be not only on my screen but on your screen soon enough.


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