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Sunday Morning

Does anyone else want to cry about this snow?! I am so done with this winter.

I need sunshine & warmth.

MY eyes popped open too early this morning. I could hear the wind hitting the side of the house.

UGH! Why am I wide awake so early!?!? I begrudgingly get out of bed.

My head hurts, the weather pressure messes with me.

I look to our dog’s bed, it lies on the floor at the end of ours. Just the sight of Hazel will make me smile.

She’s not there.

I shuffle into the ensuite - do my whole morning routine, then head to the living room in search of Hazel for my smile.

She’s not on that bed either.


A flash of concern bolts through my gut.

I peeked into our daughters room.

Hazel sleeps soundly on the carpet beside her bed.

Huh? That’s different.

She senses my presence and shifts.

Her head peers up over the bed.

She was obviously in a deep sleep, her eyes are barely open.

Then She sees me.

She jumps up with her tail in full swing.

Her back end wiggling so much that she is almost folding herself in half.

We call this “The Slinky” move.

SO she slinkies across the room to me with such enthusiasm, it’s as if she hadn’t seen me in days!

She Snorts.

And Nuzzles.

And does her momma opened mouth gummy type gnaw on my hand.

And then she licks me with so much love, so forcefully that I almost lose my balance.

I wonder if she had been having a bad dream.

I wonder if she was dreaming about her past life before us.

I wonder if in that moment when she awoke she was surprisingly reminded of her current life.

What I do not wonder, is her appreciation of her life.

I never have to wonder about her unconditional love for us.

And I never have to wonder if we bring her joy, because that is obvious.

Ditto for US.

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