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The Best Parts

I recently read an idea about social media.

It was somewhat of a negative viewpoint stating that you can't believe everything you see,

that people only show the best parts of their life...

Well, I say ~(insert eye roll here)

Of course they do!

I don't know about you,

but I don't wants to scroll through social media reading or glimpsing at other people's mundane crap.

I want the good stuff.

I mean sometimes I want to read the dark & twisted

but I don't want to keep scrolling through the boring day to day.

Like most people, I want the juicy stuff.

That's what any good media is made of.

A story bursting with emotion ~ no matter what that emotion may be.

My own life is filled with enough of my own mundane,

why would I I want to read about someone else's?

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