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The Bob Boredom Itch

So I have this thing where I seem to cycle through my hair styles.

I go from Pixie, to Bob, to Bored, to Pixie.

I think I’ve cycled through it twice over the last three years.

I love my Pixie, my Pixie has been good to me.

Professionally, as an actor it’s landed me many commercials & TV gigs.

Professionally, as a nurse - it’s allowed me a few extra minutes of sleep.

Well, more than a few. The Pixie is a breeze to style. I am a fan.

In January of 2019, I posted a public break-up to my beloved Pixie:

‘You must read this post to the very end… With great emotion I am dedicating my #WAYBACKWEDNESDAY to my beloved Pixie. To my hair & anyone who will be looking at my head, I apologize in advance… we are about to see some bad hair days in the near future. Pixie has served me well. We’ve been through many a photoshoot, hair modelling, tv shows & commercials together. We’ve tackled bleach, the undercut, the mullet, rockabilly, toques & bedhead with mastery. We have rocked the #shorthairdontcare era, but it’s time to move on. Everything good comes to an end. Real change comes from the inside & is expressed out. I am counting on Industry Hair to keep me sane & decent the journey. And I will do my best to not drive them batty! Wish me luck! ‘ .

By MAY of the same year I was already getting bored with my mini Bob, so I cut bangs.

Still bored.

By June of same year, Pixie was back.

My last grow out was due to the pandemic. My previous Pixie was last cut February 2020.

As we all know, in the spring of 2020 the world of hair care shut down. By the time I was able to see my fabulous hair stylist, my Pixie had grown into an itty bitty Bob, so I just went with it. I had no goal n mind. No style I was striving for, I just let it grow. Mind you, I kept everything maintained. I was in the salon every 8 weeks to ensure a great cut & colour.

October of 2021, I was a little bored-ish with jaw length Bob, so I cut side fridge. Cool! But short lived.

Two months later I cut full bangs…. fun!

But That was like hitting reset on the entire cycle.

It seems historically during a grow out, every time I cut bangs, I inevitably decide I want to just cut my hair all together.

But at that juncture I’m always faced with the challenge of blunt bangs… I like a long fringe Pixie. SO the obsessing begins.

I spend HOURS scrolling through internet hair magazines, short hair social media pages & browse pics of my own previous styles. It’s crazy! All the things that I could do with that time, because ultimately I just cycle back to cutting it anyway.

Like I did today.

It’s always liberating, like being a caterpiller hidden in my cocoon & then finally shedding it…

I’m free to fly.


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