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Three Years

Three years ago today our son flew across the country to start his career.

This is what I posted on IG the day he moved.


As I sit to write this, I am smiling as joyful tears roll down my cheeks. Today is the day that Ethan has flown the nest, literally. At this moment he is in the air, flying across the country.

I don’t think I could be filled with more pride & happiness for him.

I’ve always admired his ambition & bravery.

I knew this day would come.

Whole heartedly knew.

Not only that he would move out of our house, of course I knew that would happen.

But I’ve always known in my heart of hearts,

that he would get on a plane when the time came to leave home.

I told him I’ve known this for over a decade, from the time he was a child actor standing on a huge stage in Chicago, reciting a monologue from The Sixth Sense. It was magnetic, the way he drew in the crowd...

I started preparing my heart for this day, on that very day.

I’m not sure how long this new adventure will be part of his journey. But I am sure of our love for him, our belief in him & the fact that he is capable of anything, as long as he always follows his heart & his dreams.

Stand TALL,

Be Brave,

Always remember that Ethan.

Safe travels.


It's funny,

but not in a humorous way,

how something can seem like yesterday but yet so long ago at the very same time.

Funny how one can physically feel the same emotions felt at another moment in time,

how our body can mirror the emotions as if the event is presently occurring.

Without even trying.

Missing someone


Change and growth,

can sometimes feel like grief ~

like a wave

that ebbs and flows,

like water hitting the shore of a beach.

But The lifeboat,

the dingy...

is the love that we share,

the connection that we have

and the pride that I feel.

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