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Told You So

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

I woke this morning

with a chuckle.

The first words I spoke to my husband,

on this day,

our anniversary,


"Oh my gawd! Put your mask on!"

In reference to his C-Pap.

"Your snoring is ridiculous!"

Then I had to laugh

because man

how the years have changed

the celebration of this day.

Or at least the

societal romantic expectation

of this day.

At least for me anyway.

This is real married life.

Authentic and real.

Snoring and C-Pap and aging bodies.

A husband hurling back the blankets and waking his wife

because he can't be the only one woken

to let out the dog

that gently lets it be known

that she needs to pee.

Then said husband,

crawling back into bed,

well more like

hurling back into bed

with a thud ~

because why should wife sleep if he's not?!

Then wife saying

"put on your mask or you'll be snoring in minutes"

as she dozes off again.

Only to be woken

four minutes later

to a freight train.

Oh no, that's just the snoring.

"Told you so" is a real thing in a marriage.


well rather "knowing"

what the others mood

or action

or reaction

will be

to a particular circumstance

or situation.

The ability to call it out

before they even do it.

But what I didn't predict

was the Red Roses

delivered to the door

as we sat together

drinking our morning coffee

in the sunshine

reminiscing about this day

from many years ago.

Red Roses ~

the 1990's flower of love

but then again,

that is our era after all.

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