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I don't know if it's because I celebrated a birthday this week, or if it's just the point I'm at in my life, or if it's a bit of both but I've spend a lot of time reflecting.

Reflecting on things I Could've, Should've, Would've done differently if given the chance again.

But that isn't a possibility, it never is for any of us.

So I move forward in my life trying to do what I can to never experience those feelings again.

I try to make every day a choice filled with good intent.

Choose to turn right or left.

Choose to pause.

Choose to push forward.

Choose to retreat.

Choose to make choices from My heart And My Soul And do what feels right to Me.

I spent a lot of time in my life second guessing choices.

A lot of time in my life letting the words of others dictate my choices.

And I choose to let go of that part of me.

Because I deserve it.

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