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Field Goal

We moved into our current house

November 2020.

I say our 'current house',

because you never know what life will bring your way.

And also,

because we have a tentative 5 year plan.

I say 'tentative',

because you never know what life will throw your way.

When Pandemic restrictions starting lifting

and we starting venturing out

to explore our new town,

we cozied up to a couple places.

By the fall of 2021,

my husband and I,

found a little place we liked to hang.

A place to spend a bit of time

having lunch

on the weekend,

reconnecting after a L-O-N-G week of work.

Or school, which was mostly the circumstance for me last year.

It doesn't matter how much you may love your job

or the work you're doing

or how much you may enjoy your profession,

5 full days

disconnected from the person

you are supposed to be most connected to,

is a long time.

So last fall,

we joined a football pool -


For the first time ever.

And today we signed up for the new season.

In all of these years we've been married,

my husband always left me out of this part of "his" life.

Football, hockey, golf etc.

All of those things...

the fun things,

I was never included.

Maybe it was because we got married so young,

that part of him stayed that same age?

That part of him maintained that same 'Boys Club' mentality.

It was as if his 'life' was a house,

and I had to stay in the another room.

He now knows how much that always bothered me.

One thing with growing ~ chronologically and emotionally,

I've learned to use my voice.

Oh and therapy,

that helps too.

He said "I never thought you'd want to."

I said "You never thought to ask."

SO now,

this Football Pool

is a vessel of connection.

A portal

of communication.

A time in the week

when we come together to







A time spent focusing


on something

that really doesn't matter

in the big scheme of our lives.

It may not be a touchdown in our marriage,

but it's definitely a field goal.

And if we happen to win a few bucks here & there,

well, that's just icing on the cake.

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