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My Shiny Object

You know you’ve reached a certain age when you are the one bestowing the cliche phrases to another in everyday conversation. You don't mean to do it, but you do it anyway.

I came here with that confession. The acknowledgement and recognition that I have recently heard myself repeat cliches that I have heard numerous times before. Cliches that stand the test of time from as far back as I can remember. I roll my eyes at myself internally when I hear the words flow from my mouth. My subconcious brain pushing the words out before I even know what I'm saying.

“They grow so fast”.

But They really do.

Time goes so fast”.

But It really does.

“Hold onto the nights”.



Not that.

That just spontaneously spurted through my finger tips from the part of my brain that stores song lyrics. The part of my brain that sings these lyrics internally in my mind like a background soundtrack of my day.

"Hold onto the memories."

And over time ultimately creating the soundtrack of my life. And often at times I didn't reven realize my brain had retained these lyrics. This Massive storage vault of random songs, usually from the 80’s and 90’s, that are stored in the jukebox of my brain. And on occasion without warning but usually with some sort of connection, like the spewing of those lyrics through my finger tips above, the record needle scratches and these lyrics pop in to my head and flow out of my mouth.

Ok, perhaps it's more than "on occasion". Ask anyone who has ever worked with me closely. Or a true friends who really knows me. Song lyrics spontaneously pop into my head and without warning or apologies expel from my mouth. And to clarify, I don’t mean work closely as in working the same schedule or shift or within the same small space. I mean working closely with a soul that resonated with mine. Someone I felt comfortable with… which isn’t always the circumstance that I have found myself in. Or find myself in. But when I have or when I will… I’ll be dropping lyrics from Judy Garland to Rob Base or any genre or era in-between.

Song lyrics are my shiny object. And also my blankey.

Ok, so back to where I started.

“They grow so fast”. They do.

“Time goes so fast”. It does.

“You get wiser with age”. You do.

But what you chose to do with that Wisdom…

Grow, evolve, elevate yourself, your spirit, your energy, your soul, that part is up to you.

Because that part is not automatic.

That part takes work.

A lot of it.

WE all live the same sixty seconds in a minute.

The same sixty minutes in an hour.

The same twenty four hours in a day.

But what you chose to do,

stay stagnant or seize the day...

just be sure to swaddle yourself in your own "blankey",

whatever that may mean for you.

And perhaps it’s not necessarily an “age” thing that grants you the visiblilty of the beauty in these life long cliches but perhaps it's more of a “life lived” thing.

So Live.


Shiny objects and all.

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