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Grief is a Beast

Three years… & the love is still real. But so is the grief. Finn is weighing on our hearts today, this little creature who snorted & snored & had the absolute worst gas… he had terrible manners, but also the most amazing unconditional love.

I thought I’d share my words from 3 years ago today.

💔 “Until One has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” - Anatole France

You truly taught us the truth in this quote Finn & taught Us how we as humans should really love one another

It’s been just over an hour since you were carried away & the void felt in our home is palpable. The physical pain we feel as I begin to write this is immeasurable... our hearts literally hurt, our throats feel as if they are being physically clenched, weight of rocks in our stomachs & the tears won’t stop flowing.

Finn made us THOSE kind of “Dog People ”, you know, the ones that unnecessarily talk about their dog or show off bulldog pics with pride & joy.

“He’s just a dog” some might say... but he will always be OUR Boy & we will always be HIS humans.

The unconditional love that connects between humans & dogs is utterly amazing... because of Finn we are better people

Thank you Finn, for awakening our Souls. And Thank you for blessing us by being OUR Boy.


APRIL 7 2009 - FEBRUARY 13 2019

He was loved by & brought smiles to a lot of humans that he had never even met... how legendary is that ♥️


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