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Little Boat

I don't know if there's anyone out there in the same boat as me...

The older

my husband gets


sloppier he becomes.

And I can say it here


those who know me

know that I'm definitely saying it to him too.


I think is he getting sloppier?


is he getting lazier?

He knows

nothing will stay in the state

that he leaves it in.

Of course I'll come along

behind him


clean it up.

Like I would for my children,


at times I have to remind him

that he is

in fact

not my child.

And sometimes I think...

What if it's the MS

what if his fine motor skills are faltering...

because he has f#c~ing MS!

So one that note,

I'll go quietly

clean up

the freshly ground coffee grinds

that overtly speckle

our white quartz

counter top.

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