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26 minutes....

In 26 minutes it will be My Birthday.

Funny how over the years, the relevance or irrelevance that marks this day.

Some years are filled with grand celebration, while other years slip passed almost unacknowledged.

(Well not by my children, they always do something to mark the day, make me feel special & loved. My husband would’ve helped them along with that when they were younger, or perhaps they helped him?!)

But the one thing that is always consistent, is the reflection I bask in.

The moments taken to look back over the year, to reflect on where I was the year before.

To face the things that have happened...

the changes, the stagnation, the joy, the happiness, the pain, disappointment.

Am I where I want to be?

Am I headed in the direction that I hope for?

People say your age is just a number. That You're only as old as you feel.


But not always.

Sometimes I feel much older, much wiser, than my chronological age.

Sometimes life makes us so much older on the inside ~ in our hearts & in our minds...

that our body is just trying it's best to catch up.

I like my soul being old,

but as for my physical body aging ~

well hey, it can just slow the heck down.

I'm granting myself a wish a midnight


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