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Yesterday was blog post 100!


Wow! That number really hit me.

I asked my husband how many of the posts he had read....



I waited for a reply...

He fidgeted...

Then answered.

I'm not going to say that I wasn't disappointed with what he said,

because I was.

His number was not even close to the tally of 100.

Light years away.

My shoulders kinda slumped.

The wind shifted from under my sails and right into my gut with a little jab.

Hell, if he doesn't it care to read this, why would anyone else?

But then I remembered...

I'm not doing this for him.

I'm doing this for Me.

This is a promise that I made to myself to keep my creative mind engaged.

A way to foster my own creativity.

A daily work out with words.

An experiment in honing my craft.

A token of time each day to honour the part of myself that I ignored for a very long time.

And I do this for you...

those of you who do come here to read

those of you who cheer me on

And those of you who have told me,

that chasing my dreams is encouraging you to foster your own.

Shine on!

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