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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

SO I let her read my Half Hour Comedy Pilot Script.

And if you don't know what I'm speaking of,

go back and read yesterdays blog post.

I'll wait...








Ok, so she read it.

And LIKEd it.

For Real.

Not just fluff me up,

pat me on the back

type of like.

But really liked it.

And she asked me articulate questions.

About the script.

About the entire Season.

About the Characters.

All the things that someone who had invested their time

and was obviously interested

would actually ask.

And it was insightful.

And an eye opener.

Because she asked one question

about one thing that she didn't understand.

She took a screen shot of the scene.

So I looked through the script

on my computer...

AND F*ck!

And error.

And oversight.

Something I missed.

I had read it over and over and over.

Not before I sent it to her,

but when I had written it.

And it just goes to show how our eyes

can just gloss over something

that we are so familiar with.

Amateur error.

Well not really,

but I am hard on myself.

It was one word.

A name.

And by being in that place in the script.

Took her out of the scene.

And that a big boo boo.


But despite that

devastating moment to me,

To her it was no big deal.

And she wanted to read more.

So I sent her my Feature Film Script.

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