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Yesterday I mentioned receiving a sweet text from a dear friend.

I replied.

She corresponded in return.

We went back and forth.

Then she asked a question.

I started to reply....

but thought

Why am I typing a conversation when I'm just sitting here alone?

SO I stopped texting.

I dialed her number.

Without forewarning.

Without checking if she "was free" to talk.

I just called.

And said hello.

Seems simple enough, but is it?

Texting and emailing has changed our communication standards in so many ways.

I know that is nothing new, but something that saddens me.

"Talking on the phone" seems somewhat vintage.

At least in comparison to texting, messaging, DM-ing, emailing.

To verbally hear a person's tone and happiness in their voice when they speak is magic.

Or to hear emotion of any kind in their voice for that matter.

Reading their Words in a text could never compare.

Maybe I'm just feeling sentimental.

Or maybe it's because my days are filled with writing words and reading words,

that when I heard them from a voice I haven't heard in some time,

it was really quite beautiful.

Happy Monday

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