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It feels...

A little odd reading my own bio.

Kinda the same feeling as seeing myself on TV

or hearing my own voice over the radio.

It's a feeling I can't describe.

But a bio was a necessity for graduating my screen writing program.

All graduates need

a short little bio,

brief and succinct


encompasses them as a writer

at this moment in time.

A bio

to accompany the grad booklet

that will also display

our Completed Works

and our Works in Progress.

Here's what was put together for mine...

For over a decade emerging screenwriter Jodi has simultaneously juggled two very different careers - Acting & Critical Care Nursing.

Both roles requiring a big smile, much strength of character, persistence and resilience.

It was when she was cast in a Medical Drama Series that she saw a fork in the road.

This happenstance gifted her with an unforeseen light bulb moment.

She realized this particular type of script flowed for her,

she understood the jargon,

the dialogue,

the tone,

she even recognized the subtle undertones.

It was in that moment that she realized - “I could do this. I should do this. I can write!”.

Pouring all of her passion for both careers into her authentic voice as a Screenwriter,

Jodi has discovered her true niche.

*ACTION: With flushed cheeks Jodi closes her lap top.

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