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On this is the Eve of our Anniversary...

after having celebrating so very many,

I have a few words to share.

Cheers to not only growing together….

But Growing Up, together.

Cheers to the laughter, the smiles & the love.

Cheers to the fears, the tears & the dreams.

Cheers to all that we have ever created.

And even the things that we have destroyed.

Cheers to all the places we've been and all of the places that we will go.

To the mole hills we’ve stepped over & the mountains that we have climbed.

Cheers to

the hurdles that we have valiantly tackled.

Cheer to

Our perseverance.

Cheers to

all of our celebrations & successes.

To over a quarter of a century of keeping it real.

Cheers to our imperfections

but mostly

Cheers to the parts of US that are perfect.

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