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The first lightbulb moment that I had of transitioning my acting career into a writing career was on the set of the Canadian Television Series 'Saving Hope'.

I was cast as a Paramedic and more than excited to be on this set.

At one point during production, I was in the back of an ambulance with two of the talented leads of the show. It was a comfortable space for me due to the multitude of patient transfers I've taken over the years of working in the ER. I was grateful for a comfortable space as I was nervous in the presence of two actors that I greatly respect. But my nerves abated quickly. Both of these actors knowing my back ground in Nursing began asking me questions about the script, more specifically their dialogue. It was a titch challenging for them as the words that they were speaking were like a foreign language. They didn't fully understand it. And it's hard to remember a line, even more difficult to emotionally feel a line, if you don't know what you're actually saying.

In those moments,

with them,

in the back of the ambulance,

I realized

"I can do this... I can write stories like this. This IS my language."

This production will always be a fond memory for me as it became such a pivotal moment in my life.

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