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Anyone over 35 who is suddenly looking more vibrant, youthful, awake ~ has not discovered some remarkable skin care line.

They’ve discovered Beau-tox.

And sure, I’ll keep your secret.

But it's not really a secret,

everyone knows.

And that's A-OK.

For years I have spent ridiculous amounts of money on insanely expensive professional grade skin care products.

The older I get, the more I spend.

But I've realized that No quantity of quality serums or anti wrinkle masks or cleansers or toners or moisturizers can eliminate what the environment, stress, diet, genetics, stress, age, gravity, sleep exhaustion and stress have done to my face. Not to mention the rest of my body. I think I mentioned stress, right?!

So I met Bo today. She was a prickly little biotch. But hopefully her little jabs will be worth it.

Beau-tox ~ some dirty little secret that no one talks about but everyone over the age of 35 is doing.

Well, I'm being generous by saying age 35, we all know it’s people much younger.

The very young try to look older.

And the older are trying to look younger.

And the ones whose age falls in the middle, in the sweet spot of their lives, are busting their butt and pay cheques trying to be a replica of a filtered social media celeb.

What is wrong with us?

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