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Today is International Daughter Day.

Did these days always exist?

I am a daughter.

Why did I not know this?

It seems that there is a new International Day,

or at the very least one that I become aware of,

each year.

It's wonderful,

it is.

I'm not trying to diminish anything about any of the Days.

But the one thing that I know in my life that is also wonderful...

is that my daughter knows that I love her,

every day.

Not only today, on this International Daughter Day.

I tell her that I love her, everyday.

I show her, everyday.

I am blessed to be able to hug her everyday.

So I celebrate her, every day.

Even if it's only Iittle itty bitty ways.

They are still ways ~

Which I know she appreciates.

And everyday is a lot of days,

but heck ~

she's worth it.


Happy International Daughter Day

to my one and only.


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