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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I'm not sure if any of you know about the meaning of find a dime.

I'm sure some of you,

if not all of you,

have perhaps heard of it.

You may even believe in it yourself.

The thinking that finding a dime

means some one who has passed is near.

Or that it's an expression of the Number 1,

to trust your intuition and instincts.

Your FIRST sense.

So today my husband & I were out 'festively galavanting', as we like to call it.

We stepped around the back of the vehicle

and there sat a dime

that wasn't there when we had previously opened the hatch

only a few minutes before.


I picked it up.

I said "You know what this means right?"

He replied "Who is it?"

Gosh he knows me so well.

I love that I've had this impact on someone who has always been such a skeptic.

I shrugged.

I couldn't feel it.

HE asked "Is it Walt?"

His grandfather.

I was quite confident

"No, it's not him".

I little while later

when we were at home

my husband was talking on a long distance call.

I could hear the conversation only from his end,

knowing that he had just learned that someone had passed.

He hung up.

"The Dime".

AS the information sank in,

I couldn't contain my tears.

Which eventually in time turned into a sob.

A man who was not family.

A man no where close to being blood.

But a man who I knew had taken up a space in my heart

but I had never acknowledged or known how deeply.

A man that I've known for nearly 30 years.

Who had recently retired.

A man who helped me at times when no one else had.

A man who knows things that I have never spoke to anyone else.

A man who showed me a mutual respect.

And somewhat of a kinship.

A man who went above and beyond.

My heart breaks for his family

and for this world ~

for the loss of such a wonderful human.

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Tina Hardwell
Tina Hardwell
Dec 13, 2022

I'm so sorry.

Dec 13, 2022
Replying to

Thank you 💞

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