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If you read my posts in order you'll know that yesterday I was talking of exhaustion,

being tired,

and the admission of that should be A OK.

SO I found myself in a conundrum after writing yesterdays blog.

When I walked in the door after work my husband obviously sensed my low energy vibe.

He immediately asked "What's Wrong?".

I sad "Nothing, I'm just tired".

Because there is nothing Wrong with being tired,

it just is.

I quietly went about unpacking my work bag and then washed up.

A short time later,

he again asks "What's wrong".

I replied "Nothing is wrong. I told you, I'm just tired".

As I start to leave the room, with my back toward him, he throws over my shoulder

"Ok fine, maybe you'll tell me later."

My step slowed as my head slightly cocked to the right,

I'm sure my face slightly scrunched into a perplexed scowl but I ignored the comment because frankly,

I was too tired.

I went on to write yesterdays post.

We sat down for dinner.

Protein and Carbs.

If you read yesterdays post, as you should've because the posts make more sense in order, you'll pick up on the Protein & Carbs bit.

HE again asked.

My answer remain unchanged.

Our daughter pleasantly asked about my day.

Patted me on the back for being a hard working mom

and expressed how much she misses me when I work so much.

We went about our after dinner routine,

the leftover storage, the clean up,

him grabbing his glasses & the paper,


Then he asked again ~

"What's wrong with you?"

I bit my inner cheek.

"I told you, I'm tired."

And as he walked out of the room he threw over his shoulder

"Whatever, maybe you'll tell me another time."

This time the 'mind blown' emoji combined with the 'reddened face anger emoji' burst into my brain.

The words WTF! and not as the acronym SCREAMED through my head.

But I didn't say a thing.

I didn't engage.

Is that what he wanted?

Surely seems like it.

What do you think?

Why is my quiet demeanour and the reason for it not acceptable?

Why does there have to be some grandiose reason for my energy being a little low?

I mean to me it's obvious why I'm running on low reserves. I've just worked six days in a row starting with the first two days enduring a long and stressful commute through a snow storm.

And the fact that this lack of understanding is coming from someone who is chronically fatigued is quite a mind hump.

And if you know me, you know I'm using the word hump as the PG version of what I want to actually say.

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