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Is it just me, or does anyone else cry while watching American Idol?

Tonight was the Season Premiere and I cried more than once.

The premise of the show brings me so much joy... to find undiscovered singers without signed contracts.

The idea that everyday people have the opportunity to showcase their raw talent to professionals & networks who can foster their growth. For everyday people to be able to walk through a door that provides potential of a journey that never would have been possible for them without this show. It's beautiful.

The concept amazes me.

It gives me goosebumps.

It fills me with so much hope & optimism for these talented artists & singers.

To hear a voice so beautiful & raw, that hasn't been jaded by bad coaching or tarnished by bad recording choices... a song writer whose lyrics have never been heard before that moment... it makes my heart smile.

Music is beautiful.

To hear an unknown voice that brings goosebumps to your skin and tears to your eyes ~ is magical.

It touches my soul in ways that I cannot describe.

I cannot wait for next Sunday to hear & see some more beautiful raw talent.

I am forever a fan.


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