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I try to live every day better than the one before. Not in a BS kinda way, not saying it for the sake of saying it kinda way, but for real. What could I actually do today to be a better me? How can I grow? What can I do to evolve? What do I need?

I mean seriously, who wants to stay stagnant? Raise your hand. I’ll wait.

Who wants to look back in ten years from now, or heck even two years and say - “phew, I’m so glad I haven’t grown or evolved or changed at all, being stuck is the absolute best!”?

I think no one, ever. Or at the very least, I hope no one.

After a bit of an eye rolling kind of day, a day hijacked by some toxic energy, I hit a up a book store. My Zen. I love books. I always have, since I was a little girl. I remember the first book that made the biggest impression on me, the book that made me decide at the age of 8 that I wanted to be a writer. I’m a little late, but hey, life got in the way.

I wasn’t in the store long, I had in mind what I was searching for…. a guided journal. I mean why not? Why not commit to even more writing than I’ve already committed to this year? :) The first book that I picked up was meant for me, the texture of the cover, the colour, the vibe. Sold.

I didn’t even open the first page until I got home. But when I did, I saw this quote and had to smile….

‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’ - Ronald Dahl.

So take that toxic energy! I believe. And boy oh boy, I am searching.

Just… Believe.


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